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cac cum tu di voi out of trong tieng anh

Các cụm từ đi với “OUT OF” trong tiếng Anh

[OUT OF + N] thường mang nghĩa “hết cái gì đó rồi”. 
Ex: We’ve been out of gas. So we should go out for dinner tonight. (Hết gas rồi, chúng ta nên ra ngoài ăn tối thôi)

Một số trường hợp “OUT OF” thường gặp và ví dụ:

Out of breath: thở không ra hơi, hụt hơi
She was out of breath from climbing the stairs.

Out of control: vượt ngoài tầm kiểm soát
Forest fires can easily get out of control.

Out of date: hết thời, lạc hậu, lỗi thời
Suddenly, she felt old and out of date

Out of stock: hết hàng
I’m afraid that size is out of stock now

Out of order: bị hỏng = out of service
The copier is out of order. I think we should call the guy to fix it.

Out of reach: ngoài khả năng, ngoài tầm với
The task was out of her reach, so she couldn’t complete it.

Out of the question: không thể xảy ra
Becoming a straight A (a person who gets mark A in all subjects) is out of the question.

Out of the blue: bất thình lình, không báo trước.
Out of the blue, she said: “Your name’s John, isn’t it?”

Out of the hands: ngoài tầm tay/ vô kỉ luật
The police officer took the gun out of Fred’s hands.  

Out of control: ngoài tầm kiểm soát 
The computer is out ofcontrol and making funny-looking characters all over the screen.

Out of work = jobless = unemployed: thất nghiệp
Too many people were out of work, and the economy gotinto trouble.

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Out of sight: xa mặt
“Get out of sight, or they’ll see you!” called John.

Out of danger: thoát hiểm
C’mon. We’re not out of danger yet.

Out of focus: mờ nhòe
What I saw through the binoculars was sort of out of focus. Thescene was out of focus.

Out of luck: rủi ro, không may
I was out of luck. I got there too late to get aseat.

Out of practice: ko rèn luyện , bỏ thực tập
I used to be able to play the piano extremely well, but nowI’m out of practice.

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